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Life is better driving Electric

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Fight climate change from behind the wheel

Australia has the highest emissions per capita in the developed world. An average new liquid fuel car emits around 185g CO2/km. But an average new electric vehicle charged from today’s electricity grid uses around 98g CO2/km, which is better for the environment and improved health particularly in big cities.

If you charge at home with 100% on-site solar, or decide to buy 100% Greenpower, your vehicle operating emissions and climate impact becomes zero.

Save money, and never buy petrol again

In almost every way that counts, an electric car costs far less to run and maintain than a liquid fuel-powered car. There is no petrol to buy, no oil changes and fewer moving parts to break or wear out.

As early adopters, Good Motive members can jump the queue and start saving now.

Charging is easy and getting easier

To refuel an electric car, you simply plug in at home, at work, or ‘opportunity charge’ on the road. And public charging networks are rapidly growing and charging points are easy to use. Check out Plugshare for a free map of publicly-available charging points. More and more charging points are being built every month, and are currently well ahead of the demand from electric vehicle motorists.

Recent electric car models are also making huge gains in range performance, typically achieving 300km per full charge. This is possible because of advancements in battery technology as well as electric regenerative systems in vehicle braking.

Driving a better car feels good

You can drive a more powerful, safer, quieter car - all with a happy conscience.

Since electric cars have extremely high torque power, their pickup is very quick and smooth, leaving petrol-powered vehicles eating dust. But the performance of electric vehicles extends well beyond torque. Most people like how quiet EVs are inside and out, and how much more comfortable the ride is without engine noise.

Passenger safety is also inherently superior in an electric car because instead of an engine under the bonnet there is crumple zone. In the event of a forward crash the car can compress further without pushing the engine block into the cabin. With the weight of the battery between the wheels (rather than over the front wheels like in a petrol car) the weight distribution is more central – much like a mid-engine racing car. The lower polar moment of inertia not only helps with cornering, but also is safer in a side impact crash because the car is able to absorb the sideways momentum of the crash better.

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